Terms of Service

Last Updated: October 25, 2019

A. Purpose
  1. These Terms and Conditions are intended to prescribe the rights, obligations and responsibilities and other necessary matters between the Company and its Members in using the "goorm" Service (the "Service") operated by "goorm", inc. (the "Company").
B. Definitions
  1. The terms used in this agreement have the following meanings.
    1. The "Service" refers to software, products, and services provided by goorm.
    2. "Member," "You," and "User" refers to the individual person, company, or organization that has entered into a use contract with this company and has been authorized to use the service by the company.
    3. An "Account" represents a Member’s authorization to log in to and use the Service and serves as a Member’s identity on goorm. An Account is an email address determined by a Member and approved by the company.v
    4. “Password” refers to a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols set by the Member for the confidentiality of the Membership in the "goorm" service.
    5. “Post” refers to a general term of information such as posts, photos, pictures, videos, projects, various files and links, replies, and comments posted by the company and Members in the service.
    6. “Project” refers to both the output and the intermediate of a program developed by a Member using the service.
  2. Terms used in this Agreement are not defined in this Article, as defined in the Service Guide and related laws or regulations.
C. Notice and Changes to Terms
  1. The company post the contents of these terms and conditions on the initial screen of the service or on the screen linked by a link url for the Member's easily checking terms.
  2. The company may revise these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate related laws such as the "CONTENT INDUSTRY PROMOTION ACT" , "ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC." and the "ACT ON THE REGULATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS".
  3. If the company revises these terms and conditions, it shall notify the details from seven days before to 1day before the date of application on the initial page of the service. Specify the date of application of the terms and conditions, the details of the amendment, and the reason for the revision, along with the current terms and conditions. If in the event of a disadvantageous or significant change to a Member, the company shall notify to Members the change from 30 days before the application date until the date before the application date, and shall notify it separately through electronic means such as e-mail of the Member and consent window when logging in.
  4. The company can deemed to have agreed to amendment unless the Member expressly disclaims the amendment before date of apllication. However, this paragraph is valid only when the notified this information with notice by preceding paragraph.
  5. If the Member does not agree to the application of the amendment terms, the company cannot apply the amendment terms to the Member concerned. In this case, the company or the Member may terminate the service contract.
D. Individual Terms and Conditions
  1. The company may have separate service terms and policies (hereinafter referred to as "Individual terms and conditions") for each individual service. In the event that the contents conflict with these terms, individual terms and conditions shall take precedence.
  3. In relation to these terms and conditions, the contents of the company's announcement through notice boards in accordance with public institution notices or guidelines shall also be part of the service contract.
E. Conclusion of Service Use Agreement
  1. The service use contract is signed when a person who wants to become a Member(hereinafter referred to as "Service use applicant") applies for service use according to the application procedure and method provided by the company, and the company approves the contract.
  2. The Company, in principle, agrees to the Terms of Service if the User Applicant agrees to these Terms and complies with the application procedures and methods established by the Company. However, the company may not approve the application for use under any of the following subparagraphs, and may terminate the use contract.
    1. If there is a false, missing or incorrect information description.
    2. If a Member who suspended from the company terminated the contract at whose discretion during the suspension and apply for reuse.
    3. If the service use agreement is terminated in violation of this agreement in the past.
    4. If there is a risk of harm to law, public welfare or morals.
    5. If Member want to use the service for illegal purposes.
    6. If Member intend to use the Service for the purpose of seeking profit without the Company's prior consent.
    7. The use of the service in an unusual or circumvented manner in a country where the service is not provided.
    8. If Member registered via a one-time email that anyone can access without authentication.
    9. Other cases that violate these Terms or have been found to be illegal or unfair.
  3. The Company may withhold consent if any of the following applies.
    1. In case of failure of equipment due to natural disaster.
    2. If it is difficult to maintain the overall service quality of the company by providing the service.
    3. In case of lack of facilities to provide services or technical difficulties in providing services.
    4. If there are any risks or hazards in the company's operation or business.
    5. When it is difficult to approve the use due to other company's circumstances.
  4. The period of establishment of the use contract under these Terms and Conditions shall be the time when the Company has indicated the completion of the use application in the service use application procedure.
F. Duty of Company
  1. The Company shall not do anything that is prohibited by the relevant laws and this agreement or contrary to the customs and customs, and endeavors to provide the service continuously and stably.
  2. The company has a security system for protecting personal information so that Members can use the service safely, announces and complies with the privacy policy.
  3. The Company is obliged to accept and handle any opinions or complaints from Paid Members regarding the use of the service if it is justified. The Company is also responsible for handling the technical support requested by Paid Members. Any comments or complaints made by Paid Members will be forwarded via e-mail.
  4. In addition, the Company is obliged to accept and handle any opinions or complaints from Free Members that help improve the service.
G. Duty of Members
  1. If the Member is required to provide information to the company under these terms and conditions, the Member must provide true and legal information, and he / she will not be protected from disadvantages caused by the provision of false or illegal information.
  2. The Member shall abide by these terms and conditions and the company's notice in the service, and shall be responsible for any loss or damage caused by violating or failing to comply with these terms and conditions.
  3. The Member shall be responsible for any damages caused by the Member's negligence in managing his / her account information or consenting to use by a third party.
  4. If a Member performs the following acts, the Company may restrict the use of the service pursuant to Article N, in which case the Member shall bear all the responsibilities. The company may notify the relevant government agencies or law enforcement agencies if necessary.
    1. The use of the service by impersonating another person's personal information, payment method, external account, etc., or giving access to a third party
    2. Registering false content
    3. Impersonating the company's employees, managers, and others
    4. The act of changing the information posted by the company
    5. Unauthorized collection of other Members' personal information
    6. Reproduction, disassembly or imitation or other modification of the service through any processing activity.
    7. Interfere with the company's normal activities by overloading the company's servers.
    8. Infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyrights of the company and other third parties
    9. Impair the reputation of the Company and other third parties or interfere with their work
    10. Posting obscene or violent messages, video, audio, or other content that violates morals.
    11. The use of the Service for profit, sales, advertising, political activities, etc. without the Company's consent
    12. The act of distributing programs such as computer viruses, hacking, and malware that may cause computer or malfunction of information devices.
    13. Any deletion, slander, or other disruption to banner advertising provided by the Company
    14. Behavior used for mining cryptocurrency that hinders stable service use
    15. Other illegal or unfair acts
H. Provision of Services
  1. The company provides the following services to its Members.
    1. Hub service connecting individual services
    2. Cloud SW Educational Environment Service
    3. Services to create / solve programming problems
    4. Cloud coding test service
    5. Cloud integrated development environment service
    6. Channel service opened for specific companies and institutions
    7. Service news provided by goormEDU, goormLEVEL, goormDEVTH, goormIDE
    8. Services Provided by Other Companies
  2. The company provides the following services to Paid Members.
    1. Responding to inquiries and reflecting feedback from Paid Members
    2. Security and technical support for Paid Members
  3. In principle, the service is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless there is a special problem in the company's business or technology.
  4. If a technical problem or an operational problem occurs to a third party that composes the service, the service may be stopped at any time and the company is not responsible for it.
  5. The company may discontinue the service due to the update of the service, regular inspection, etc. In this case, the company will notify in advance within the service.
  6. The structure, interface, design, and experience of the service may be changed at any time according to the company's policy, and unless the company violates the purpose of use of the Member who paid for the paid service, the Company shall separately Do not compensate, refund, etc.
  7. Services not paid for by the Member may be stopped at any time by the company or the person who posted the information.
I. Payment
  1. All services, except for the separately marked paid service, will be provided free to the “Member”.
  2. The fee of the paid service is clearly indicated on the screen of the service, and the payment method can be settled using the payment method specified in the following subparagraphs. 
    1. Simple Payment Method (Paypal, etc.)
    2. Credit Card
    3. Payment by phone or mobile phone
    4. Various bank transfers such as phone banking, internet banking, and online bankbook payment.
    5. Other payment methods prescribed by company.
  3. When the Member completes the payment for the paid service, the contract for using the paid service is considered to be established.
J. Withdrawal Subscription
  1. Members may withdraw their subscription within 7 days of receiving digital content. However, if the contents of the digital contents are different from the contents displayed or advertised by the Company or the contents of the contract are implemented differently, within 1 month from the date of receiving the digital contents, within 14 days of knowing the fact.
  2. Refunds will be made in the same way as with the purchase.
  3. In the following cases, membership subscription withdrawal is restricted.
    1. If the value of digital content has declined significantly Due to a Members use or the passage of time.
    2. If viewed the contents of digital content that can be reproduced.
  4. The withdrawal of an offer under this Article shall take effect when the Member has indicated his intention to withdraw the Company through the means provided in the Service.
K. Interruption of Service
  1. The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of services when necessary to perform maintenance tasks such as maintenance, expansion, replacement, and relocation of information and communication facilities as well as inevitable interruptions in the supply of communications and power. In this case, the company will notify Members of the service interruption in advance. However, if it is inevitable to provide advance notice, the company may notice after the fact.
  2. The Company will notify Member immediately if the service is interrupted due to force majeure, such as natural disasters, war, riots, terrorism, hacking or DDOS. However, if advance notice is not possible due to unavoidable reasons such as inability to operate telecommunications equipment, such notice shall be notified immediately after such circumstances are resolved.
  3. The Company shall make its best efforts to resume the service as soon as possible in the event of the reason of Clause 1 or 2 of this Article.
L. Change or Termination of Service
  1. The company may change all or part of the service or terminate the service according to operational, managerial and technical needs. If there is a change in the contents of the service or how to use the service, the reason for the change, the details of the change and the date announce 7 days before the change on beginning page. If the terminate the service, it will be notified 30 days in advance on beginning page.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Members due to changes, modifications or termination of services unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions.
M. Cancellation and Termination
  1. A Member may apply for termination of the use contract at any time, and the company shall immediately deal with it as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations.
  2. When the Member terminates the use contract, the company deletes all the Member's data immediately upon termination except when the Member holds the Member information according to the related laws and personal information processing policy.
  3. The Member shall be responsible one's self for the disadvantages caused by the termination of the use contract. Upon termination of the use contract, the company may recover various benefits provided to the Member.
N. Limitation of Liability
  1. The company may limit the use of the service or terminate the contract if the Member has any reason or confirmed the following.
    1. If a Member has acted or attempted to interfere with the smooth running of the service
    2. When a Member intentionally interferes with the company's business
    3. Any act that violates the rights, honors, credits or other legitimate interests of another Member or violates laws or good customs or other social order.
    4. If a Member violates this agreement or related laws
    5. If the Member is found to have a reason for refusal to accept the use contract specified in Article E;
    6. If the other company recognizes that it is necessary to refuse to provide the service based on reasonable judgment.
    7. When using the service provided by the company by stealing personal information such as the name of others
  2. If the company restricts the use of the service or terminates the use contract, the Member will be notified according to these terms and conditions for the use of the service.
  3. The Member may make an appeal in accordance with the procedure set by the Company regarding the restriction of use or termination of the use contract under this Article. At this time, if the company recognizes that the objection is justified, the company will immediately resume the use of the service.
  4. The Company shall not reimburse the Member for any damage incurred due to the restriction on the use of the service or the termination of the use contract if there is a valid reason for the use of the service or the termination of the use contract.
O. Protection of Personal Information of Members
  1. The Company endeavors to protect the personal information of its Members in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by relevant laws such as "ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC". and Personal Information Protection Act in the process of providing services to its Members. Regarding the protection and use of personal information, relevant laws and the company's personal information processing policy will be applied.
  2. The Company's privacy policy does not apply to services provided by third parties linked to other services.
  3. The Company shall not be held liable for any information including the Member's Member information exposed due to the Member's fault.
  4. The Company shall take necessary measures such as personal information destruction to protect the personal information of Members who have not used the service for one year in accordance with the "ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC". and Enforcement Decree of the same Act. In addition, the Company may take necessary measures such as temporary measures, restriction of use, deletion of account information for the purpose of protecting Member information and efficiency of operation in case of fear of theft of account information objectively. In the event of taking measures pursuant to this section, the Company shall notify 30 days before the date of action in accordance with these Terms specifying the date, time and item that necessary measures, such as destruction of personal information.
P. Personal Information Management
  1. A Member shall not transfer, donate, or provide collateral to others for the right to use the service or other contractual use status.
  2. The responsibility for the management of ID and password rests entirely with the Member, and the Member cannot transfer or lend the ID and password to others.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the leakage, transfer or rental of ID or password without cause.
  4. The Member shall notify the company without delay if the Member's ID or password is stolen or recognized by a third party without delay, and if there is a company's guidance, the Member shall comply with it. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by theft or unauthorized use by a third party if the Company does not notify the Company without delay or if the notice is not followed.
Q. Change Information of Members
  1. Members must notify the company immediately if any information entered or provided when applying for service is incorrect or changed.
  2. The Member shall be responsible for various damages caused by not modifying the relevant information even though the Member information has been changed, and for the damage caused by incorrect correction, and the company shall not be responsible for it.
R. Commission of Private Data
  1. In principle, the Company shall handle the management and management of the collected personal information on its own, but may entrust it to a third party selected by the Company if necessary, such as customer consultation, support, or events.
  2. The company's personal information processing policy is applied to the company's consignment of personal information.
S. User-Generated Content
  1. If the company determines that the posts fall under any of the following subparagraphs, the company may take such measures as non-disclosure, deletion, etc. without notice and will not be responsible for it.
    1. If the information obtained using the company's service information is reproduced, distributed or commercially used without the company's prior consent.
    2. If Infringes the copyright and privacy rights of the company and other third parties
    3. If Content that slanders the company and other third parties, damages reputation or interferes with business
    4. If Post or publish pornography or link to pornography site
    5. Violation of public order and morals
    6. If the content is deemed to be related to criminal activity
    7. If Distribute programs such as computer viruses, hacking and malware to cause malfunction of computer or information device.
    8. If the content is not related to the services provided by the company
    9. If Make money through unnecessary or unauthorized advertising, promotions, hacks or sales
    10. If judged that Member have violated other relevant laws and company guidelines
  2. The company can set up and implement detailed usage instructions related to the post, and the Member must prepare and manage the post according to the instructions.
T. Copyright
  1. The copyright of the Member's post belongs to the author of the relevant post, and the copyright of the company's post belongs to the company.
  2. Member's posts may be exposed to search results, services, and related promotions, and may be modified, duplicated, edited, and posted as necessary for such exposure. In this case, the company complies with the copyright law regulations, and the Member can take actions such as deleting the post at any time through the customer center or the management function in the service.
  3. The Company shall not be responsible for civil or criminal liability even if the Member's posts infringe the copyrights of others. If the company receives an objection, such as a claim for damages from another person, the Member shall endeavor to indemnify the company. If the company is not indemnified, the Member shall bear all damages incurred by the company.
  4. The company may delete the posts posted by the Member if the Member terminates the use contract or if the use contract is terminated for legal reasons.
  5. The Member shall not use for profit or make it available to third parties by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting and other methods without the prior consent of the company. .
  6. Members may own exclusive copyrights for projects created through their personal accounts.
U. Notification
  1. If the Company notifies the Member individually, it shall be a rule to notify the Member by e-mail unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, if the Company notifies a number of unspecified Members, it may be substituted for individual notification by posting the fact on the initial screen of the service for more than 7 days.
  3. When Members notify the company, they should send it through the function of customer inquiry installed in the website operated by the company or follow the procedures and contents determined by the company. Notices that fail to comply with this notice procedure or content will not be effective as a statement of intention and Member is responsible for any problems arising from it.
V. Compensation for Damage
  1. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the Member who may be caused by the Service and its use, except in the case of the Company's fault with respect to the Services provided by the Company.
  2. If a Member violates the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and causes damage to the Company's business activities, the Member is responsible for indemnifying the Company for such damages.
  3. If a company receives a illegal activity or violates the provisions of these Terms while using the Service, the Company shall receive various objections, including claims for damages or litigation, from a third party other than the Member. The company shall indemnify the company with liability and expense, and if the company is not indemnified, the Member shall indemnify the damage incurred by the company.
  4. The Company shall reimburse the damages by the Member's claim in case the Member suffers damages due to the company's responsibility and provides less than the monthly availability (defined below). 
    1. Monthly availability (%) = 100 * [1- {Sum of downtime (minutes) in which the service is unavailable due to the company's responsible reasons for one month of use of the service.}]
    2. Disability is measured from the time the Member notifies the company of the failure to use the service (or from when the company knows it before the notification of the Member).
  5. The amount of compensation for damages under paragraph 4 of this Article shall be determined based on the following amounts. However, when the company prepares a separate compensation standard according to the characteristics of each service and guides the Member to the operation policy or announces it on the homepage, the calculation standard of the compensation amount may be applied differently.
  6. If a Member wishes to claim damages against the company pursuant to paragraph 4 of this Article, he / she shall apply in writing, including the reason for this, the amount and the reason for calculation, and the details of the disability.
  7. The damages under this section may be used to purchase other services or to use the monthly fee for such services, at the Member's option.
  8. The Company's liability for Member's failure to use the service is limited to compensation according to Clause 4, and there is no additional compensation for the company.
  9. The company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Members in connection with the use of the free service provided by the company. However, this does not apply to damages caused by the company's intentional or serious negligence.
  10. The Company's total liability under this Agreement shall be limited to the amount paid by the Member to the Company.
Monthly availability
99.0% or more ~ less than 99.9%Return 10% of the 3 month average monthly paid
95.0% or more ~ less than 99.0%Return 25% of the 3 month average monthly paid
less than 95.0%Return 50% of the 3 month average monthly paid
W. Disclaimer of Warranties
  1. The Company shall not compensate for damages and shall be exempted from liability if any damage occurs to the User due to any of the following. 
    1. In case of unavailability and failure of communication network, natural disaster or national emergency, power outage and similar force majeure situation
    2. In case of Member's intention or negligence
    3. If the service is interrupted by a service provided by another operator
    4. If there is no intention or negligence of the company when it is notified in advance because the service inspection is inevitable.
    5. If the service is suspended due to regular inspections notified on the homepage
    6. If a problem occurs due to the use environment of various wired / wireless devices such as smart devices and PCs of Members.
    7. In the case of information, data, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by the Member or a third party in relation to the service
    8. When transactions are made between Members or between a Member and a third party through a service
    9. If there is any service disruption or damage to Member's information or data due to reasons other than the company's intention or negligence
  2. The Company shall not be responsible for the suspension of service use, restriction of use, deletion of data, failure or disadvantage due to reasons attributable to the Member.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for the use of the services provided free of charge unless there are special provisions in the relevant laws.
X. Legal Process
  1. Lawsuits filed between the company and Members shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.
  2. A lawsuit concerning a dispute between a company and a Member shall be based on the Member's address at the time of filing, and shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court which has jurisdiction over the residence if there is no address. However, the jurisdiction court where the address or place of residence of the concurrent Members is not clear shall be determined in accordance with the Civil Procedure Law.
  3. In the case of a Member who has an address or residence in a foreign country, a lawsuit concerning a dispute between the company and the Member shall be governed by the Seoul Central District Court of Korea, notwithstanding the foregoing.